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Say hello to the leadership team at God@Work. Got questions for the lead team at God@Work?

Dominic Tan - Senior Pastor

Pastor Dominic Tan is the senior pastor of God@Work, is married with three adult daughters. He is a ordained minister of Assemblies of God and has work into the mission field to different countries. He started to serve and minister in God@Work on the year 2006.

" I believe in miracles and the workings of wonders - the types written in the Bible as in the days of Jesus when He was here on earth. It is his desire to see such miracles happening regularly at God@Work as a testimony of the Good News and God's love." - Pastor Dominic Tan

Terence Rivera - Executive Pastor

Pastor Terence Rivera is the executive pastor of God@Work Church, is married with 1 son. He is an ordained and licensed minister recognized by the Philippine Government. He is currently holding a licensed exhorter in Assemblies of God Singapore. He started to serve and minister at God@Work Church in the year of 2011.

"Value your relationship with God and others... I believe that everyone can serve God and make disciples through the empowerment of His Spirit in our lives" - Pastor Terence Rivera

Mak Siew Choy - Assistant Pastor

Pastor Mak Siew Choy is the assistant pastor of God@Work and currently involves in the general administration, pastoral care and teaching. He is married with two sons. He is part of the pioneers when God@Work Church started.

"My vision for the church is to be within an international settings where locals and foreigners could worship together regardless of economic status and background" - Pastor MakSC

Erwin Quiroz - Associate Pastor

Pastor Erwin Quiroz joined the God@Work leadership team in 2014 and was commissioned as associate pastor this 2017. Currently ministering as one of the pastor in the afternoon service. He is married and blessed with 1 son.

"it is God's desire that all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of truth which provides peace and hope to everyone. Thus, as Christians, it should be also our desire to spread His good news of salvation to everyone without any reservation or hindrances."