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Weekly Inspiration Message - March 22, 2020

and Honesty In Prayer                                                                         

By   A. W. Tozer


Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.

 James 4:3


Prayer is usually recommended as the panacea for all ills and the key to open every prison door – and it would indeed be difficult to overstate the advantages and privilege of Spirit-inspired prayer.


But we must not forget that unless we are wise and watchful, prayer itself may become a source of self-deception.


There are as many kinds of prayer as there are problems and some kinds are not acceptable to God. The prophets of the Old Testament denounced Israel for trying to hide their iniquities behind their prayers. Christ flatly rejected the prayers of hypocrites and James declared that some religious persons ask and receive not because they ask amiss!


To escape self-deception, the praying man must come out clean and honest. He cannot hide in the cross while concealing in his bosom the golden wedge and the goodly Babylonish garment. Grace will save it will not save him and his idol! The blood of Christ will shield the penitent sinner alone, but never the sinner and his idol! Faith will justify the sinner, but it will never justify the sinner and his sin!


No amount of pleading will make evil good or wrong right. A man may engage in a great deal of humble talk before God and get no response because unknown to is using prayer to disguise disobedience!”


(A. W. Tozer, Renewed Day By Day, Fleming H. Revell Co., Old Tappan, New Jersey, 1980)

Weekly Inspiration Message - March 8, 2020

Developing Your Patience                                                                                 

By   Rick Warren


“…. Patience begins by changing the way you look at something. When I’m impatient, I have a limited perspective. All I’m seeing is myself: my needs, my desires, my goals, my wants, my schedule, and how you’re messing up my life. The root of impatience is selfishness. So I need to get a new perspective on life. I need to learn to see things from other people’s point of view.


Would you like to know the secret of success? Here it is. If you want to be a successful husband or wife, learn to see life from your partner’s point of view. If you want to be a successful parent, learn to see life from your child’s point of view. If you want to be a successful businessperson, learn to see life from your customer’s point of view. If you want to be a successful employer, learn to see life from your employee’s point of view. Look at the situation from their perspective and discover why they feel the way they do. I don’t know of anything that has greater potential for reducing conflict in your life.


Now look at what the Bible says in the Book of Proverbs. The writer explains, “A man’s wisdom gives him patience; it is to his glory to overlook an offense” (Prov 19:11). Notice the word wisdom. Do you know what wisdom is? Wisdom life from God’s point of view, getting God’s perspective on the situation. From that perspective I gain three important insights. (1) I’m only human; I’m not God. Of knows that. But He wants me to acknowledge it also. I’m not perfect and I’m not in control. In fact, most of the things I face in life are things I can’t control. I’m only human. (2) Nobody else is perfect either, so I shouldn’t be surprised or overly upset when people make mistakes or let me down. (3) God is in control, and He can use the situations, the irritations, and the problems that come into my life to accomplish His purposes for me.


…. Get a new perspective. Look at it from God’s point of view. All through the Bible, God equates patience with maturity. Proverbs 14:29 tells us, “A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.” Patience is a mark of maturity. Most children are very impatient; they don’t know the difference between “No” and “Not yet.” Have you noticed that when babies don’t get what they want immediately, they get very upset? Maturity involves the ability to wait, to live with delayed gratification. A man of understanding and wisdom, who sees life from

God’s point of view, can be patient. So we need to discover a new perspective.”


(Rick Warren, The Power To Change Your Life, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1998)

Weekly Inspiration Message - March 1, 2020

The Cost of Relationship                                                                            

By   Robb Thompson


“ ….building a successful life team [people with whom you spend time with] no easy task. In fact, it will most likely cost you a significant price. Are you willing to pay that price in order to open the door to your future? The plans and purposes of your life have immeasurable and infinite value and are worth the investment of all your days. I dare say that if you were able to step into that destiny easily (without sacrifice or expense), you would esteem it too lightly and readily neglect, misuse, or even lose it.


I, for one, will never regret the sacrifice of pursuing and maintaining relationships, and I’m sure you won’t either. In the end, God will recognize all the deposits that we’ve made and, by using that seed, He will be able to do something great with our lives.


If I become anything in the next thirty-five years, it will not be because of the greatness I possess – it will be because I was willing to humbly bow my knee before God and others, choosing the seat of a servant at every feast. What transpires when we choose the at the e will be honored and brought forward – not a second sooner or a moment later.


As the world screams that self-promotion is our only path to success, the voice of wisdom whispers, “In order to be lifted up, you must bow down.” To become a person of distinction, you must embrace humility. To be worthy of being served, you must first sacrificially serve others.


Bear in mind that the road to the throne goes through the altar. If you desire to win, you must surrender. To be made whole, you must be bruised, and to be perfected, you must be abased. Your life will forever change when you discover that to increase, you must decrease, and to truly live, you must first die to self.


A seed of greatness is planted in the heart of every man, woman, boy, and girl. A dynamic destiny and purpose are written for each of us to fulfill. The key to that destiny is intricately wrapped up in one thing. What is it? It’s the quality, excellence, and of those who make up om.”


(Robb D. Thompson, The Art Of Distinction, Robb Thompson International, Tinley Park, Illinois, 2008)