Weekly Bulletin – 10 September 2017



Write Up


Throw Your Shoe Under The Bed                                                         By    Bob Gass


““Keep on praying…” 1 Thessalonians 5:17


For several nights, a little girl threw her shoe under her bed before getting in to sleep. When her mother asked her why she did that, she said, “My Sunday school teacher said that if I have to get down by the bed every morning to look for my shoe, then I’ll probably remember to say my prayers while I’m down there.” What a great idea!


If it helps, throw your shoe under the bed! You should never get onto your feet until you’ve been onto your knees. David knew prayer was like oxygen to his soul. Listen, “… day and night I cry out before You” (Ps 88:1). Nothing, nothing, nothing in your life will change until you start praying; until you bring God into the picture.


That’s why Paul writes, “Keep on praying.”


In his book, “Too Busy Not To Pray” Dr. Bill Hybels says, “I knew more about prayer than I ever practised in my own life. So I decided to study the subject until I finally understood it. I read every book I could get my hands on. I even memorised all the Scriptures that speak about prayer. Then one day I did something absolutely radical – I prayed! As a result, I’ve had a long list of miraculous answers, but the greatest result has been the difference it has made in my relationship with God.” If you want a relationship with God, you’ve got to spend time with Him in prayer. Isn’t today a good day to start?”


(Bob Gass, The Word For You Today, Feb to Apr 1999, Pacific Partners, Auckland, New Zealand, 1999)